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Q.  What is NeuroDreamer® sleep mask?

A.  Using soothing music and gently fading lights, the NeuroDreamer sleep mask uses your own brainwaves to help you get the rest you want and need.

Q.  What is NeuroDreamer sleep mask made of?

A.  The NeuroDreamer sleep mask is made of super comfortable memory foam, with a washable soft cotton cover.

Q.  Where can I use the NeuroDreamer sleep mask?

A.  Use it whenever and wherever you want to get some quality rest -- on a plane, on a break from work, or at night in your bed.

Q.  Will the NeuroDreamer sleep mask help with jet lag?

A.  In his many travels across the globe the inventor of the NeuroDreamer sleep mask has found it very helpful in adjusting to time zone differences.

Q.  Can I use the NeuroDreamer sleep mask for lucid dreaming?

A.  Our Kickstarter campaign offers a special Lucid Dreaming edition of the NeuroDreamer sleep mask, which includes extra features for triggering auditory and visual cues that help you become aware that you are dreaming, as well as an alarm to wake you up so that you can write down your dreams. The user can configure all of these features via the buttons on the mask itself without the need of an external computer.

Q.  Is NeuroDreamer sleep mask safe?

A.  Yes, people have been using this kind of technology since the 1930s with no bad effects. In fact, using a NeuroDreamer sleep mask may be quite beneficial, since they give you chance to relax in a very enjoyable, comfortable way. But nothing is for everyone. Since NeuroDreamer sleep masks use blinking lights, people who are epileptic, or otherwise photo-sensitive, or prone to seizures should not use a NeuroDreamer sleep mask. For a complete list of warnings, please see click here.

Q.  Will the NeuroDreamer sleep mask work for me?

A.  We tested the NeuroDreamer sleep mask on lots of people who wanted to try it out, and they overwhelmingly liked it. Hopefully you will too.

Q.  How does the NeuroDreamer sleep mask work?

A.  Through light and sound, the NeuroDreamer sleep mask generates a sequence of brainwave frequencies that correspond to the natural sequence of brainwave activity as observed in a person as they fall asleep. These frequencies are produced using binaural beats* embedded within ambient music, and synchronized with fading lights - all generated by the NeuroDreamer sleep mask's microcontroller, which is concealed inside the mask's memory foam.

* A "binaural beat" refers to the frequency that is perceived when two tones that are close together in pitch are played in each ear.

Q.  What is unique about NeuroDreamer than other older devices that use this sort of technology?

A.  The NeuroDreamer sleep mask is an advancement over prior entrainment* devices which attempt to entrain the brain with only a single brainwave frequency at a time. The NeuroDreamer sleep mask uses up to four brainwave frequencies simultaneously (mixed at different amplitudes), to more closely replicate the full spectrum of frequencies present in a person who is falling asleep.

* "Entrainment" is the the process of externally presenting brainwave frequencies to the brain, allowing it to synchronize to those frequencies.

The NeuroDreamer sleep mask is also made with a very comfotable, ergonomic, memory foam mask.

Q.  What do the songs in NeuroDreamer sleep mask sound like?

A.  NeuroDreamer has a choice of 5 different songs, all of which have brainwaves embedded that correspond to people going to sleep. Four of the songs are musical, and one is an ambient ocean song. If you'd like to hear examples, please click on the following links for 1 minute of each song: