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Take Control

At Cornfield Electronics we create devices that give people opportunities for effective choices in their lives.
Each of us can decide whether to watch TV monitors, and when to watch. Each of us can decide when to get the rest we want, and how we dream. Everyone can learn to make cool things with our kits. Please explore our products, make your own choices, and see how your life can be enhanced.
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Love it or hate it, TV screens are all around us. TV-B-Gone® universal remote control is the first fruit of our technical savvy, embodying our belief in empowerment, and sense of humor. This universal remote control fits in your pocket and allows you to discreetly turn TVs off wherever you go. TV-B-Gone fans around the world are using it for a variety of practical, philosophical, and humorous purposes. Imagine the possibilities...

Years in the making NeuroDreamer sleep mask is another of our personal empowerment inventions. We all need rest, but we don't always get it in our busy lives. NeuroDreamer sleep mask lets you use your own brainwaves to

bring you the rest you need. And with the lucid dreaming model, you can take control of your dreams.

Want to learn electronics? We make way cool, fun, intriguing, educational kits that anyone can make! Our most POPULAR kits are: ArduTouch music synthesizer kit and TV-B-Gone kit!

We make truly useful technological solutions that put you in charge.

Welcome to our better world!

NOTE: As of 14-Feb-2023 Cornfield Electronics is a sole proprietorship of Mitch Altman.