Arduino For Total Newbies Workshop              last updated: 8-Dec-2013
Learn how to make your own cool projects with Arduino,
    using TV-B-Gone as an example project to learn from.

I've given this workshop at Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco (a few times), at 27C3 and 28C3 in Berlin, and 29C3 in Hamburg,
at CCCamp2011 outside of Berlin, at HeatSync Labs hackerspace in Phoenix, AZ, at Fabelier hackerspace in Paris,
at Unit One as Guest-In-Residence at the University of Illinois, in Urbana, IL, at Makerspace Urbana in Urbana, IL,
at Workshop Weekend in Oakland, CA (twice), at XinCheJian hackerspace in Shanghai, at Maker Carnival in Beijing (twice)
at several conferences and hackerspaces on my Hackers on a Train Workshop Tour 2012
including at HOPE Number 9 in New York City at ToorCamp 2012 in Neah Bay, WA.
at OHM 2013 outside of Amsterdam,
and lots of other places.
Each time 20 to 50 people showed up! (Folks seem to like it.)

Itinerary for Arduino For Total Newbies Workshop:

The kit provided at the Arduino For Total Newbies Workshop includes (all of which you can take with you):
At the workshop, the following will also be provided:
        Instruction:    FREE!
        Arduino For Total Newbies Workshop Kit:    $35 (or 35, or other amount, depending on my workshop costs)
        Optional:   USB communications/programming cable:   $20 (or equivalent)

Here is what is available for downloading for the Arduino For Total Newbies Workshop:

More details about the Arduino For Total Newbies Workshop:

Many thanks to Ken Shirriff for the original TV-B-Gone for Arduino project!